Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Review

Crystal Dynamics’ sequel remains a packed, enthralling adventure a year on from its initial release.

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  1. Who is playing this in 2020?

  2. So is this better than Rise of the Tomb Raider?

  3. Aww he felt dizzy and gave it a 9.3 still lol!! After all the extras added it should of gotten a 9.5.

  4. Got this game at Walmart for $2. Pricing error I imagine but who cares

  5. I just picked this game up on the Xbox store for only $8 AUD! I would definitely recommend getting it while it's on sale if you don't already have it. I gave it a try today and was really pleased and amazed by it. I think it's on sale for 3 or so more days on the Xbox store

  6. £8.99 on PlayStation store now people. Get it!!

  7. If I get the 20 years collection, do i need to play any previous game? Cuz I have never played any tomb raider game, I do remember watching my cousin play it on ps1

  8. Rise is a lot better than Shadow

  9. Its 9.99 now in black friday on steam

  10. get Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration on steam, its so much better than on ps4.

  11. anybody knows if vr is required or is it optional ?

  12. This review was what made me decide on purchasing the game.

  13. If it was on Playstation 1st, where it belongs, the level design might have been more…fluid? Still better than Uncharted though.

  14. It’s funny tomb raider was on PlayStation first and it made sense ps was the strongest console at the time bu now it goes to Xbox and pc before PlayStation I am very disappointed in square Enix but I’m not disappointed in the game 😁

  15. Cant wait for shadow of the tomb raider😍😍😍😍

  16. Played the 2013 game a while back and just realized that the game's Mac supported now on Steam for $60 for the 20 Year Celebration. Went on the app store and saw Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration for 30 USD lol… Gonna get it off the app store once summer rolls around.

  17. Very overrated game Notting special about it want my 60 bucks back

  18. Tomb raider 2013 survival edition and Rise of the tomb raider goty edition both game was stunning!

  19. They need to make android versions of TR Legend and TR Anniversary like Rockstar released GTA3,Vice City and San Adreas for android.

  20. This game is visually stunning on Xbox one x it’s so beautiful

  21. I’ve finished it in two weeks ,, it’s ok expected more ,, I miss the old Lara games

  22. So glad i brought this while it was in the January sale on ps4. Never played a tomb raider before but this got me hooked. Can't wait to play the definitive edition and for the new one to be released

  23. I love this game. I bought the TOMB RAIDER for New Year and this morning i bought this on Steam with all DLC included.


  24. Is all the dlc on disc or need to download?

  25. Even though the tomb raider series came years before uncharted, uncharted seems to have won the treasure hunting war.

  26. I don't like how in this game that they lock tombs behind blockades that you need certain items to breach, I preferred the previous games way of doing things, in that they gave you items you needed as you progressed through the story, so you could play through the tombs as you went. It's so annoying coming up to a tomb only to realise that you can't enter it until you get an item. This is still a good game, but not as good as Uncharted 4.

  27. is it just basically uncharted?

  28. Loving this game sooo much!

  29. More people triggered about the score…..

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