Logo Design Contest – Reviewed by Graphic Designer

We have been reviewing design and illustration contests for a while on our channel. This time I’m really proud to showcase a logo design project, where the winner is one of our students. He joined our Pro Membership program to improve his design skills and within 2 months he managed to win the very first design contest he entered. Let’s see how he pulled it off!

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  1. Nice tutorial, thank you =D

    8:56 > c1-c4

  2. Nice Contest Review, tho I would say for Ur apprentice submission it would be more appealing if his design was squared with rounded box coz the company has serious job thus emphasizing that the work is precise rather than free … also I like the friendly dog face that rings positive message for future clients, and maybe that round box in this case should be connecting the image just from the ends but coz symmetry also emptied at the upper right corner of that box … color hm simplicity rulz but using behind shadow example in orange color along the left contours could also stand up even in smallest prints later of this winning logo … some even Happier People will say why that Dog dont have magnifier in his mouth 🙂 Cheers …

  3. But sometimes the contest holder choose whatever he like the most…. Which is subjective

  4. How to submit flyer design? please let me know…

  5. He did not show how he made the design………………………

  6. after watching this video. my voice came "woooow".
    reaLLY this is a great tip for logo designers

  7. Here are the best design tips of my life:
    1: Nobody actually cares about your company logo. Not your clients, not people you sell to, not even your family. With one exception.
    The only people who will nitpick about your logo are other designers who want to legitimize their importance, drive up their prices, and sell you there services.

    2: Stop trying to tell your life story in your logo. See reason #1 and repeat.

  8. Te véletlenül nem beszélsz magyarul?:D Kicsit olyan a kiejtésed.

  9. Thanks for the incredible learning, Martin.
    Personally, It's like dreaming.
    I appreciate the critique. Now I can go further. In this case, I just hit the point of which clients intentionally wanted;
    hence, if I am going to learn further and winning more on my career, I need to enhance more acknowledgment.
    I want to mention to the people who are just starting a career like me about
    as long as you don't give up, things will get better.

    Thanks for the video.

  10. Very good advice I can take into my own work.

  11. Good critique indeed, btw are you ok with the winner's design typo?

  12. I'm gonna learn alot from this…
    Thanks Mr. Martin ❤️

  13. Very well explained Great Do & Don'ts. Sir Please bring more videos like this one.

  14. Sir drawing theory explains please

  15. very good

  16. Loved the video. The little round circle??? It’s a baggy. 😉

  17. Great
    I wish more videos like that,please.

  18. Mate, you look like Duncan Jones (David Bowie’s Son) excellent video more to the point.

  19. The outlines around the text in C3 kinda looks like a bone, maybe that's why it was added ?

  20. when is the next competition!?

  21. Im re doing our camp logo right now! This is perfect timing video for me to get some tips. Dammmm i need a pro membership hahaha soon…1st i need a new oven hahah thanks Martin 🙌 great video

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