Guardiola's Barcelona 2010/11 Tactics | Pep Guardiola's Greatest Team? |

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The Barcelona 2010/11 side is possibly the greatest side of all time. But what made them so good? In this video, we take a look.

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  1. Where does this side rank amongst all club sides?
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  2. Other things that made this Barcelona so special :
    – Xavi and Iniesta on their peak, total midfield control
    – Barcelona back then was more HUMBLE, something that this Barcelona urgently needs
    – Key signings that help the team on key moments, not just players to bench them
    – Carles Puyol always puts the team in order, he is a symbol of respect and perhaps the greatest Barcelona captain of all time
    – Messi was just one more player to complete the team, now he is pretty much the entire team with Ter Stegen.

  3. Great video! You should do Barcelona 14/15 under Luis Enrique next.

  4. Can u make a video of ac Milan 2004-5 the one which they lost

  5. That barcelona team nobody in the world could match up with them every team used to get scared of them

  6. Well you play 22 players against Xavi and Iniesta but still they won't give the ball. That's Barca DNA

  7. Do Jose mourinho 2011 la liga win

  8. Probably the greatest barca team ever..
    But they lost against arsenal that season though. Lol

  9. Nah, no side ever comes close to this team

  10. Can you please make a video on another barca legend after Messi, Ronaldinho and Cruyff?
    Andres Iniesta, The illusionist
    Master of la croqueta?

  11. I hate barcelona but this team was the best team ive ever seen in Football. EVER!!

  12. I would love to see an analysis of Klopp's Dortmund from 2010 to 2013. One of the best teams od the last decade that is pretty underrated in my opinion.

  13. Please do Chelsea 04/05 or Juventus 14/15

  14. Please do a video on Ranieri’s 2015/16 Leicester

  15. Newcastle entertains era Kevin Keegan tactics

  16. I made an overall video on arthur melo, check it out

  17. it’s not about the results it’s about the football

  18. Please do
    Real Madrid under Jose Mouinho 2010-2013
    Real Madrid under Carlos Ancelotti 2014-2016
    Real Madrid under Zinedine Zidane 2016-2018

  19. What of the Barca-Psg match

  20. What of the Chelsea of 2004-2006 or Why is Mourinho not doing well as a coach in recent times

  21. Could you do video about Louis Enrique Barcelona ?

  22. barcelona need
    pep + joao filipe jota ( he will turn him in messi )

  23. Thanks a lot, mate. Wonderfull review!!!

  24. Arsenal is the only team to beat this side with open possession football

  25. 13/14 Atlético ..they were a few seconds away from a UCL title and won the league

  26. Could you make a video about Quique Setien’s impact on Barcelona so far?

  27. Ozil had the most assist that season -19,Di Maria-15

  28. Great video sir. Please, make the next vidéo about Bayern 2012-13 or Barca 2014-15 (MSN)

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