Fix Unable to Terminate Process ‘Access Is Denied’

Fix Unable to Terminate Process ‘Access Is Denied’.

This problem happens with users who tries to terminate a process from the Task Manager. Once you select the process and click the End Task button, you will see an error message telling you that the operation could not be completed. Most of the users who faced this issue had problems with running games or other applications. These users couldn’t run the applications either because they were getting the error “Program is already opened” or because they saw multiple instances of the same app in the task manager. This isn’t specific to these cases though, you might see this message while trying to terminate a hung app or an unwanted app. In all of these cases, this Access is denied error will appear once your try to eliminate the process.

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 operating systems.Works for all major computer manufactures (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung).


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  2. ERROR: The process "MsMpEng.exe" with PID 1564 could not be terminated.
    Reason: Access is denied.

    im in safe mode, ran cmd in admin, nothing works

  3. You did not show how to get access to end a task like MsMpEng.exe

  4. Taskkill

  5. Says theres no command taskkil

  6. My dude, you an an MVP right now. Looks like my Windows profile is a bit corrupted, so I will likely need to do a full reinstallation down the line, but I'm in the middle of data recovery so I can't even turn the PC off right now haha. This saved my bacon, had a process taking literally 12gb of ram to itself, was causing the entire system to lag severely, and I was being told access was denied, even though my account(s) are admin. This stopped that nonsense dead in its tracks.

  7. so i am getting access denied. this is my computer. i am the only user on it, how can my access be denied from closing down the exe. the one i am trying to remove is 7daystodie.exe (edit. i did run it in administrator mode. still got the access denied. game survives even a shutdown and restart of my computer)

  8. It’s said “The process … with PID 23172 could not be terminated…” I tried as an admin as well. Please help I can’t figure out how to uninstall google because it’s said it’s running

  9. when i type it into the command prompt it still gives me a message saying error access is denied in the command prompt

  10. nothing happened first in the cmd it said error could not be deleted and then it said the all of the tasks had been terminated but they were still there and i could not delete them

  11. Do you seriously think that someone will use the command line to solve a constantly appearing error? Fatal mistake of bill gates

  12. I ran it as administrator , the process should not be running as I have it disabled
    "C:Windowssystem32>taskkill /im MsMpEng.exe /f

    ERROR: The process "MsMpEng.exe" with PID 12308 could not be terminated.

    Reason: Access is denied."
    how do I fix this

  13. nevermind i figured out how to open it as an admin and it terminated the process "ChristoBenchJSB.exe" but it just reactivated immeadiatly after

  14. just says ERROR: the process "ChristoBenchJSB.exe" with PID 1426 could not be terminated.
    Reason: Access is denied.

  15. What if the thing saying access denied is task manager


  17. "ERROR: The process "EpicGamesLauncher.exe" with PID 12728 could not be terminated.

    Reason: There is no running instance of the task."

    well there is.. but i cant close it

  18. If tast manager is disabled tasklist will also give you the proper name of the program

  19. For me it was Windows Defender. After the /im MsMpEng.exe it returns with :
    ERROR: The process "MsMpEnd.exe" with PID 3852 could not be terminated.
    Reason: Access is denied.

    Now I did run this as Administrator, but with no luck.
    Please help.

  20. my command prompt also showing Reason: Access is denied

  21. there is a process called "aow_exe.exe" and ive tried process hacker , Process explorer, taskkill, wmid and even force termination but it still dosent get terminate. i need help please.

  22. help please? "Reason: There is no running instance of the task." even though see it in task manager

  23. It becomes unresponsive when I try to run it as administrator

  24. I think you can also stop processes in Power Shell

  25. No pumpkins just tin foil hats !

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