Create and Make Logo in MS Word

In this video tutorial you will learn how to make logo in Microsoft Word. I have used MS Word 2016 for this tutorial. However, you can use any version of Ms Word including 2017 and 2018.

In this tutorial I have mostly used Text in a Circle and Art and text transformation in word. Which has been shown step by step.

You will make be to apply same procedure below:

how to create a logo in microsoft word 2010

how to create a logo in microsoft word 2016

how to create a logo in windows 10

how to make a circle logo in microsoft word

how to create a business logo using microsoft word

W e b s i t e:

F a c e b o o k:

S u b s c r i b e:


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  1. Save as PNG:

  2. Hos do i bring it infront?

  3. Having made my logo how do I select ALL the layers to fix so that I can move and re-size logo as one item, please

  4. It's amazing…
    I really enjoy the explanations

  5. Thank you so much I appreciate it!

  6. you are so wonderful tutorial my friend you are number 1

  7. baba eyval dastet dard nacone dadash ,, vaghan damet garm

  8. Awesome thank you for this video

  9. Hello Hi
    If i want to copy this Logo on any pic how i cam do that ?

  10. How to move complete logo ..I mean group of logo to paste another place

  11. making things very hard for yourself my friend

  12. I don't see Format on my Ribbon. I can't do transform

  13. thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much

  14. Adobe illustrator is the best software for logo design.

  15. Thank you. Now i know that it is not possible to create a logo in MS Word.

  16. eww, how about using real design software like Creative Suite; or better yet, hiring a real graphic designer to make your logo -??

  17. Thank you veryuch for this videoo

  18. Correct the wide free tutorial world

  19. Thank you, very helpful.

  20. Thank you I have made a similar Logo for my youtube channel based on this video. Thank you I appreciate your work.

  21. very nice thanks for the tuturial

  22. Thank you so much for your sharing this lesson, teacher!

  23. Its a very nice . Thank u

  24. Hi how can I save this ?
    as picture?

  25. Use in different way in MS word logo designing, Thank U

  26. I like your simple style! Keep it up

  27. brother why you try to sound like a british lol

  28. How do you save it as a raw file ?

  29. How to save this file and use as image or logo???

  30. bhai saheb ….why dont you speak english properly???

  31. Amazing. Used this to make a rubber stamp. Question: How do you emboss text in such logos?

  32. How do you make it a certain size and make a vector file for it?

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