Coronavirus: governor Cuomo provides update on outbreak in New York – watch live

New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo provides a coronavirus update after announcing lockdown would continue until May 16
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  1. Smack down! Trump just got roasted big time. Epic!

  2. Could watch this on repeat, all day long. Damn, that was a brilliant retort. Bravo Governor !

  3. This is why state and local governments matter.

  4. This man talks all freakin day does he actually do some work get over yourself and do something you buffoon

  5. America could do without this man of Fear

  6. He just talks.
    Why are all the major states affected all Democratic ?
    When he feels his hands are tied then it is Trump.
    He ran the show …he f…d up.

  7. why inst trump giving the states any money ?

  8. Trump is more honest than the Guardian or Cuomo

  9. just please be president. please. also.. "idk what im supposed to do send a boquet of flowers?" at 1:03 and the roast before was great lol

  10. clear,concise and honest.totally opposite of that arsehole.

  11. You are a new Yorker killer. You are the only governor that couldn't handle the epidemic

  12. If Cuomo is so smart,Why NY have more Deaths Than any other estates.
    He sent every case of coronavirus to ventilators.
    80 %!of people on ventilators never came back.
    He still asking for more beds and more ventilators to put the whole estate to sleep ☠️🔥

  13. Look up NPD Mr. Governor. It will tell you all you need to know. Irrespective of the enormous dilemma going on in our country. He sees you are a much stronger and better leader than he is, in every way. It's like a sibling rivalry from his standpoint. Please stay strong. We need you! You are doing an amazing job!!!

  14. Ginger can kill covid19.drink!!USA+EU.

  15. Cuomo highlights again the incompetence of Donald J Trump.

  16. 1:01:56 😂 I absolutely love this response!
    Also 1:10:07
    1:11:17 I wonder if this hand gesture was meant for trump 😂

  17. Safe act was unconstitutional and naming a bridge after your father who was also gov . Only an alt left soy boy girly man or a bit witted dim wit would vote for that luciferian

  18. Cuomo is a lying clown

  19. I LOVE NEW YORK!!! New Yorkers…are the greatest …tell it like it is!

  20. ‘The people’… come knocking on the door.

  21. How about the Cuomo administration forgo their paychecks in solidarity with New Yorkers until everyone is back to work. "We're all in this, together," right?

  22. Governor Cuomo calls house arrest without due process "a nice break."

  23. Remember your statements when it comes to the rights to bare arms mr.governor.

  24. Governor Cuomo is losing his own argument, showing his hand, telling us that the COVID 19 "crisis" "new normal" is like 911's "Patriot Act." "Fool us once…"

  25. Governor Cuomo has integrity.

  26. A man who has no more fu*%$ left to give. This was epic.

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