07 How To Fix android.process.acore has stopped working Error On Android

How To #Fix android.process.acore has stopped working Error On Android

In this video #Enjoy_Science will show you how to fix popup error message saying android.process.acore stopped.

try this fix:

backup your contacts because we will erase them all. then, clear data of contacts app, and contacts storage app.

if the first fix method does not solve the issue, so try the next fix.

second fix:

delete app preferences.

if error still occurs, so try the 3rd fix.

Third fix:

– uninstall the app that causes the error popup messages.
– force stop ( disable ) Google plus.
– re-install the app that causes the error.
– re- enable the Google plus app.

if all the above three fixes can not fix the issue, so the final fix is to factory reset your phone.

NOTE that “factory reset your phone” will delete all data and erase all info inside your phone.

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  1. since Google + is not working anymore,we can delete it

  2. Nothing works and i cannot reset my phone ! Becz the hidden content cannot be backedup and i dont want to loose them

  3. i tried only clear data methode of contact.googleplay services.googleplaystore.resetapp preferences then i solve this problem thankyou

  4. this popup doesn't go nor does my setting open , i tried the flash file method too, but that doesn't worked at all.

  5. EVERYONE!!!
    I will summarize everything for you to save time.
    This happened to me this morning. Everytime I tap at something. My phone freezes for 4 seconds, shows pop-up for 2 secs, repeats.
    Basically, The error with "Process.android.acore" is caused by Contacting apps, socializing, etc.
    So before you disable Contacts, Contact Storage, or Google++,
    Know what socializing apps you have.
    I disabled and cleared data for contacts storage for nothing. The main problem was MESSENGER.
    So you need to delete
    Facebook and if that doesnt work, Messenger and so on.
    Try uninstalling one app, if that doesnt work, another one.
    Hoped I helped you Save your time!

  6. How do you fit Com.Andriod.phone  has sopped working?

  7. Bhai gab google account daltey hai tu stopped hony shuru ho gaata hai

  8. I factory reset, then install again all the apps, as long as you have a google account, takenote you change your simcard first then connect to your wifi before you reset your phone.

  9. It didnt work… what will i do..pls help

  10. How do you know what's causing pop ups?

  11. 2nd step my mobile legends data will gone too or not

  12. What if i don't have google+ ?

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